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Faqir Epi

Faqir Epi's real name was Mirza Ali Khan, his father name was Arsala Khan & Muhammad Ayaz Khan was his fore father. He was born in 1897 in Kirta; a small village situated near Kajhori forte. He belonged to  Wazir tribe.--- Mada Khel. He started to get education from his childhood in his own village. Then he went to Bannu to get education at age of eight. Mulvi Gul Khoidad was his teacher in Bannu. Some time later on he came back to Tochi (North Waziristan) to get more education. His elder Brother Mulvi Sher Zaman bought property in Spalga & Shaam. After this Mirza Ali Khan again went to Bannu & a great learner in the Bannu was came under the influence of his good deeds & he decided to get his daughter marriage with him.

He came back to Spalga with his family and began living there. At that time his mother died, so he left Spalga & came to Epi to live here. Mirza Ali Khan was respected not only the Banoochi's but by Dewar's also. Dawars built mosque, home & Hujra for him. People started to visit him to get spiritual influence. He went to Makkah in 1928 to perform Hajj(Pilgrimage).On the way back he became famous as a great Waali & Faqir. People liked him very much, people called him as Faqir Epi. Along with his other two friends Alam Jan Afghani & Muhammad Khan Dawar (Musakki Faqir), he went to Afghanistan through Khoost in order to meet with Mulana Naqib (a famous religious leader of the time) lived in Jalal Abad for spiritual scariness. After this he came back from Afghanistan to Epi.Here he began to worship as his teacher advised him. He had three brothers named Mulana Sher Zaman, Mir Zaman & Gul Za Ali Khan. Gul Za Ali Khan & Mir Zaman Khan died before his movement against Britain, while M.Sher Zaman fought side by side with him against Britain. Sher Zaman died at 8 June 1947. Only Gul Za Ali Khan had a son named Niaz Ali Khan alias Aamir.


Islam Bibi's Incident in the history of Waziristan.

Islam Bibi's real name was Raam Kori. She lived in Jando Khel Bannu. Her father name was Mava Raam & her mother name was Mansa Devi. Mulap Chand was her grand father & Harnam Dass was her uncle. They were the main figures in her case. Islam Bibi becam muslim at hte hand of a young man Sayyed Aamir Noor Ali Shah at 3/5/1936. Noor Ali Shah changed her name as Noor Jahan & married her. Harnaam Dass & Mansa Devi admitted a report in Domail Police station against them. The report was as: "Raam Koori is a younger girl and Noor Ali Shah deceived her & she became a Muslim. She also took jewels & other cash with her". The govt searched his house but could fight nothing, & so the report was rejected by the court as a false report. Noor Ali Shah became sat free & began to live with his brother in law at Soorani village in District Bannu. Both they lived happily & Noor Ali Shah taught her Islamic roles.

Unfortunately, When Hindus realized that they are living happily; They decided to help Mansa Devi. The admitted a new in the office of Deputy Commissioner, that she was a widow & living in Jando Khel for 14 years. Noor Ali Shah  kidnapped her younger daughter. Deputy Commissioner named KAHAB called for the Abdullah Shah a younger brother of Noor Ali Shah,& ordered him to give back Islam Bibi to Hindus. But Abdullah Shah rejected the order of the commissioner & decided to take Noor Ali Shah Islam Bibi to Afghanistan. They sat for Afghanistan. At Gambati a CID Muslim inspector Atta Ullah Khan warned him not to go Afghanistan, because the Britain govt planned to catch in the way near Spin Waam; so the decide to go to Shaam in North Waziristan but in vain because some greedy Wazir wanted them Rs.120/- for their safeguard. They hired taxi for Shaam but unfortunately they were arrested by the police near Ghori Walla Police station. At that time when DSP asked her name she replied as Islam Bibi; so was named as Islam Bibi. From there Islam Bibi was transferred to Jail till up to her first appearance in court. A Hindu civil surgeon reported in the court that she is immature although she was adult according to the report admitted by her own mother in the court of Domail.

On the order of KAHAB deputy commissioner she was gave to a Sikh Samandar Shah on the condition when she become matured she will appeared in the court. The Muslims of Bannu & Waziristan became much angry on this decision. They attacked on the house of Samandar Shah's house. Samandar Shah with Islam Bibi became prisoner in his house. Some people also attacked on Bannu cannt, some attacked on courts while some attacked on the Banglaw of Deputy Commissioner. The angry mob violated every thing such as bunglaws, courts & offices. At last the govt brought Marshal law in Bannu; even that did not bring peace. , The govt handed over Islam Bibi to Malik Taj Ali Khan Bazrak Khel. When conditions became normal, one night Deputy commissioner & police DSP entered forcefully in the the house of Taj Ali Khan & take away Islam Bibi by force to Hoshiar Pur India in a taxi of a rich Hindu named Bogai. The Britain imprisoned Aamir Noor Ali Shah in Haripur Jail. Some times later when he was sat free; he was roaming lonely like crazy man. Due to the departure of his beloved he was much grieved. One day he went to Swat with his friends & did not came back forever.

Faqir Epi's appearence

When the Britain favored to Hindu the Khattak & the Marwat of Bannu were greatly grieved & started  meetings against the govt. Not only; the Wazir & Dawar tribes also became much angry on this incident. Ullama & the chief of Bannu came to Tochi on on 11 April 1936 & assembled a meeting of Dawar Ulama, chiefs & lords in the village of Idaak against the wrong decision of the govt. On this occasion Faqir Epi was also present. They decide among themselves that British govt should sat free Islam Bibi at once without any restrictions other wise the result would be vice versa. At this occasion some emotional youths burned three govt transport busses to ashes. At this time Ahmad Khan & Zarbadshah of Dawar's invited Faqir Epi through a letter to lead the Muslims of Waziristan.
But Faqir Epi did not show any sign of an agreement. They sent another Jirga & invited him to MALIK AZHDAR for a meeting.. At 15th April Ahmad Khan & of Darpa Khel & some other persons arranged DHOOL due to this a large number of people had came here &  a huge crowd was accumulated. The excited youths were firing & performed ATTAN (Local Dance of Tribals). which brought additional emotion in them. In Tochi there was much excitation against Britain on the incident of Islam Bibi. The started journey along the bank of River Tochi to MALIK AZHDAR. In the way many other persons from Miran Shah villages accompanied them. In MALIK AZHDAR a great meeting was held there in which Dawar tribes decided to attack on Bannu. During this time Faqir Epi came on a horse; he asked a person about the decision of Dawar's Maliks decision. He informed him about their decision but he did not liked it. He warned the Britain have much power a large number of troops & artillery. It will be foolishness to fight face by face against them. & on the other hand we are not fully trained & aware of war techniques.
He put forward a consultation  that we should make a strong & power full & safe center in the mountainous area of Waziristan; & from there we should started a gorilla war against Britain. All were agreed on this decision. They lashkar (army .... In local terms) spent a night in lower Dawar's (Eastern Dawar) area & from here they went to Nitassi. At 19 April the Lashkar was approximately 4000 people. At this occasion the Wazir of Khaisur denied to cooperate with Faqir Epi & the Lashkar.
At this occasion the Lashkar selected Faqir Epi as a chief. According to the Fitua of Tochi's religious leaders; Faqir Epi declared regular Jihad against British. At this time all the Lashkar was of Dawar tribe. The Britain were also aware of all the activites of Faqir Epi. They warned Dawars of Tochi to leave his Lashkar but they refused. At last Britain took practical steps against Britain & destroyed the house, hujra of Faqir Epi & other two Maliks in Epi Village. Most of the Dawars in the Lashkar of Faqir Epi was those persons who can easily be dominated by British because most of them were at high govt posts, Maliks & Merchants. The govt warned them to leave Faqir Epi Lashkar other wise the will destroyed their homes & masks. But they did not follow it. At last Faqir Epi ordered them that some of you leave the Lashkar because your honor is my honor & your dishonor is my dishonor. You can help me even away of the Lashkar by secret informations; & it was true also. On this some of the Dawars leaved the Lashkar. Now Faqir Epi started preaching for Jihad  in the villages of N.Waziristan & S.Waziristan due to the result of which many persons joined the Lashkar.

The First Fight of Khaisur
The First Battle of Khaisur is such a great event in the history of Waziristan that no Waziristani or even British officers of that time can forget it. At 24 November 1936 a Brigade of British army was brought from Bannu to Mir Ali camp & From Razmak to Damdil Camp. The mission was that that that the army from Damdel & Mir Ali will go to Khisur Sharif to catch Faqir Epi. At 10th Ramadan Sharif & 25 November 1936 When the army arrived to the valley of Katere the Mujahidin attacked on them. The battle was much fierce & frightful. From the front the Mujahidin fired like on them while from the back the Maliks of Dawars & Wazirs empting their magazines on them. The Maliks were used as shelter for the army by British govt. In this battle 270 British soldiers with Major Tendal & Captin Baide were killed. From Mujahidin side Salabat Khan, Gula Band Khan & Alam Khan became Shaheed. On the other side on the army coming from Damdel was also faced by tough fight in which 309 British soldiers included Major Scomb were killed. From Mujahidin side 7 young men were went away in which a famous personality Saeed Khond Pir & Sil Khan were also included.



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